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Georgian Trans Expedition

Georgian Trans Expedition

Georgian Trans Expedition LLC was established in 1996. From the date of its establishment the Company’s main activity was transportation of transit cargos (mainly cotton transit) from Central Asian countries to Europe through Georgian Port of Poti. In order to provide the customers with the most effective service, in 1996, the Company constructed the terminal in Poti.

   In late 90s, Georgian Trans Expedition entered into the Logistics Market of general and project cargos. Today, the Company holds the leading position on regional market of cargo shipments and offers the customers full set of logistic service. The company cooperates with various international and local organizations and has fulfilled many major projects.

  Georgian Trans Expedition operates the largest container/warehousing terminal in Poti which holds the area of 15 hа. The terminal is equipped with 7 gantry cranes with lifting capacity of 55-65 tons each, reach stackers, modern forklifts and private locomotive on railway line with a length of 3 km, that hosts closed warehouses of 16 500 sq.m. The terminal serves all the shipping lines doing business in the Ports of Poti and Batumi. Territory of the terminal is divided into bonded and commercial zones. Each zone has its covered and open warehouses with independent railway lines and motor road. The terminal exclusively serves CMA-CGM, ZIM Line, Hapag-Lloyd and Arkas Line, but also serves all other shipping lines doing business in the Port of Poti – MAERSK LINE, MSC, CSAV/Norasia, EVERGREEN, CHINA SHIPPING and etc.

   Georgian Trans Expedition has representative offices in Poti, Batumi and Tbilisi railway-container terminal and cooperates with all solid bonded and commercial terminals operating in the country. 37 professional specialists are involved in arranging transportation of cargos and logistic service.

Throughout the history of the Georgian Trans Expedition, the Company has built up an extensive partnership chain with famous foreign logistic and transport companies. Within this partnership, Georgian Trans Expedition has executed significant projects, which shows the 19 years experience of the Company in logistics sphere perfectly well.

¤  Industry – Freight Forwarding, full Logistics services

¤  Key Accounts – Cotton transit from Central Asia to Europe, China, Bangladesh;  Container Transportation; Project  Freight Forwarding including OOG cargo (in the field of Oil & Gas, Construction and Power Generation Industries) and General Freight Forwarding;

¤  Employs 30 people

¤  International Association Membership – FIATA, OPCA, etc.

¤  Company holds the leading position in the Logistics Market in the Caucasus Region. The company cooperates with various international and local organizations and has fulfilled many major projects. Services include but are not limited to: Freight Forwarding (Sea/Rail/Air/Road); Customs Clearance; Warehousing/Terminal Services; Liner Agency; Project cargo handling; 3PL Logistics, etc.

¤  Certified for ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System


Address: 0102 Chikobava Str. 24, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone: (+99532) 295 01 01
Email: info@gte.ge
Web: gte.ge