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Tetri Qalaqi Plus

Tetri Qalaqi Plus

“Tetri Qalaqi Plus” LLC  opened shopping center "Kidobani" in 2006. It is one of the largest shopping center in the South Caucasus, which is equipped with all the modern standards of innovation, Austrian escalators and Italian conditioning systems. It is a modern, mixed-use building and includes in itself different shops. In "Kidobani" a person of any age can find wide variety of products –made by foreign and local brands.

   Here you can buy: Household appliances, computers and their accessories, mobile phones and their accessories, pottery, clothing, shoes, linens, curtains, watches, souvenirs, jewelry, accessories and many more.

   In 2010 was a new block built, in which was added also floors for offices and warehouses.

   After reconstruction of 3rd floor in 2013, a wide selection of furniture was added to the list of the products.

Total Space: 23200 m²

Commercial Space:  15300 m²


Address: 0112 Tsabadze Str. 8, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone: (+99532) 235 73 87
Fax: (+99532) 235 74 87
Email: info@kidobani.ge

Web: facebook.com/kidobani