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Georgian Trans Expedition Poti

Georgian Trans Expedition Poti

LLC “Georgian Trans Expedition - Poti” was established in 1996.

 It operates the largest and most technically equipped container terminal in Poti (the port city of Georgia), constructed on the area of 15 hectares.

The terminal is equipped with 7 gantry cranes with lifting capacity of 55-65 tons each, reach-stackers, modern forklifts and private locomotive on railway line with a length of 3 km, that hosts closed warehouses of 16 500 sq.m. and 1 600 sq.m. closed space for direct reloading from rail-wagon to container/vice versa. Warehouses are equipped with platforms for truck / railway wagon/ container loading operations.

Storage Capacity – The Terminal has the capacity to store simultaneously 25 000 ton cotton, stack 4 000 TEUs at a time. The area for stacking minimum 1 500 TEUs will be granted for the principal’s containers anytime needed. In case of request, this number can be extended. Working staff is over 240 people.

Terminal serves all container-shipping lines operating in Poti and Batumi ports. Terminal area is divided into customs and commercial zones. In each zone, there are open and closed warehouses, with independent railway line and road. 

  • Activity – operating container terminal, warehousing and storage of cargo
  • The largest container terminal in Poti, constructed on the area of 150 000 sq.m. Most of this area composes container platform and closed, dry storage facilities
  • Key-partners: CMA CGM; EVERGREEN; MAERSK; MSC; ZIM (Integrated Shipping Services); HAPPAG LLOYD; NORASIA; ARKAS, CHINA SHIPPING and Etc.
  • Certificates – Quality Management ISO9001:2008

                                 Environmental Managemnet  ISO14001


Address: Kokaia Alley 1, 

4400 Poti, Georgia

Phone: (+99532) 295 01 01

Email: info@gte.ge

Web:  gte.ge/gtep